Friday 16th August - WOODSTOCK THE MOVIE with Special Guest Loraine Burgon

Tickets on sale now!!

Were you there in 69?



In Nottingham in 1963 17 year old Loraine Burgon started dating a 19 year old blues guitarist named Alvin Lee. For the next 10 years they were inseparable as she traveled the World with Alvin Lee and his legendary blues band ‘Ten Years After’

On the 16th August 2019 Rich Mix Cinema, Matters Of Vinyl Importance and Reel Music Film Club are extremely proud to present a special 50th Anniversary screening of Woodstock The Movie followed by Q&A with Loraine Burgon.

 Loraine will be sharing memories and anecdotes of her time touring with ‘TEN YEARS AFTER’ and telling us what it was like to actually be there at the legendary 1969 Summer of Love ‘WOODSTOCK FESTIVAL’

Billed as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music", Woodstock Festival has gained legendary status over the years despite the fact it was a commercial and logistical failure, but not because nobody came, in fact quite the opposite...Expecting about 200,000 people (which was way over the anticipated figure the organisers had given to the authorities) well over 400,000 people turned up with another 500,000+ people travelling there, add to that the torrential rain and the fences collapsed before the first artist had taken to the stage, all the ingredients were there for anarchy to reign.

Except it didn’t. Instead Woodstock became shorthand for peace, love and understanding, and people of a certain age became known as the ‘Woodstock generation’.

Woodstock Festival may have only existed for three days over 50 years ago, but thanks to this film, the Woodstock state of mind now has its own history, folklore, and myth.

In Woodstock The Movie, this iconic event is chronicled in unflinching detail, from the event's inception all the way through to the unexpected air-delivery of food and medical supplies by the National Guard evoking the style and feel of a mass historical event like no other documentary has ever managed.


Filmed in 1969, directed by Michael Wadleigh, and edited by Thelma SchoonmakerMartin Scorsese, and Wadleigh, Woodstock The Movie won an Oscar for Best Documentary and received nominations for Best Sound and Best Film Editing – a rare distinction for a documentary.

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