MOVI, SPINBOX & FRIELS presents...

A Record Store Day 2018 list-launch party featuring a set from DJ Questionmark! Plus free cider courtesy of the lovely people at FRIELS!



     Using two Spinbox record decks, their designer will be spinning tunes to help you shake off those blizzard blues. 
     These brilliant, unique, versatile and portable record players are not yet officially available in the UK but we will have a small number to sell on the night!!

     Ownership of a Spinbox comes with many advantages, for instance you immediately become much more attractive!**

     You will look younger, fitter and healthier!**
     AND, and this is a big one, Spinbox is so easy to set up you will be able to enjoy your vinyl record collection wherever and whenever you want!! On top of that, you could be one of the first people in the country to own one!! 

     (** Disclaimer, I may have exaggerated the health and opposite sex bit) 


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